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It is ok to Compromise a situation, but never comprise yourself for a situation.

It’s like you’re my vacation. When I’m with you I forget about my reality and embrace the warmth you ignite inside..

He’s growing too fast! 😢
Something I’ve learned.

There is nothing wrong with missing someone. It is okay to think about them from time to time. Just remember what it is that you’re missing.

Is it the actual person? Or just that moments of happiness?

For some, Their biggest accomplishment is getting out of bed in the morning. Try not to be an cunt and judge them.


On the happiness I had with you.
Bittersweet love followed by laughter and pain.
I hated to love you so much
Safety felt by simply having my arm in yours.
You showed me the capabilities my heart can achieve.
Thank you allowing me to see what I deserve.
I know now what is best for me.

Being a gay male and wanting a committed relationship before sex has become rare.

Or am I just being too picky ?